Outline of Titus

Titus chapter 1
Tit 1:1-5. For what end Titus was left in Crete.
Tit 1:6-10. How they that are to be chosen ministers ought to be qualified.
Tit 1:11. The mouths of evil teachers to be stopped;
Tit 1:12-16. and what manner of men they be.
Titus chapter 2
Tit 2:1-9. Directions given unto Titus both for his doctrine and life.
Tit 2:10-15. Of the duty of servants, and in general of all Christians.
Titus chapter 3
Tit 3:1-9. Titus is yet further directed by Paul, both concerning the things that he should teach and not teach.
Tit 3:10-11. He is to reject obstinate heretics.
Tit 3:12-15. He appoints him time and place wherein he should come unto him.
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