Outline of 2 Peter

2 Peter chapter 1
2Pe 1:1-4. Confirming them in hope of the increase of God's graces,
2Pe 1:5-11. he exhorts them, by faith, and good works, to make their calling sure;
2Pe 1:12-15. whereof he is careful to remind them, knowing that his death is at hand;
2Pe 1:16-21. and warns them to be constant in the faith of Christ, who is the true Son of God, by the eyewitness of the apostles beholding his majesty, and by the testimony of the Father, and the prophets.
2 Peter chapter 2
2Pe 2:1-6. He foretells them of false teachers, shewing the impiety and punishment both of them and their followers;
2Pe 2:7-9. from which the godly shall be delivered, as Lot was out of Sodom;
2Pe 2:10-22. and more fully describes the manners of those profane and blasphemous seducers, whereby they may be the better known, and avoided.
2 Peter chapter 3
2Pe 3:1-7. He assures them of the certainty of Christ's coming to judgment, against those scorners who dispute against it;
2Pe 3:8-9. warning the godly, for the long patience of God, to hasten their repentance.
2Pe 3:10. He describes also the manner how the world shall be destroyed;
2Pe 3:11-15. exhorting them, from the expectation thereof, to all holiness of life;
2Pe 3:16-18. and again to think the patience of God to tend to their salvation, as Paul wrote to them in his epistles.
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